Sunday, 9 April 2017

Adaptation B: Body Variations #3 - After Effects Motion Blur Test & Sketchfab Models

After I rendered out a short animation of the models I made using a Flare Deformer, I decided to try out the 'Pixel Motion Blur' effect in After Effects. I quite like the results when compared to the version with no motion blur. I didn't render the animation out of Maya with any sort of motion blur, and I think this could be a good option to reduce render time within Maya and to allow me greater flexibility with what images I render out of Maya. I also uploaded some models to Sketchfab, deformer animations don't work with Sketchfab so I wasn't able to bring in the animated version. Since I think only animation on joints work in Sketchfab, using a cache didn't work either... but I thought they looked interesting so I wanted to give people the opportunity to move around the models and/or view it in VR.

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