Sunday, 23 April 2017

Adaptation B: Group Animation - Blur Test #1

In this test I wanted to play around with the Camera Lens Blur effect in After Effects. First, I placed all of my models into their own compositions since some of them have duplicates so they all played for the same duration. I then chose those compositions and grouped them in new compositions for the far-background, background, middle ground, and foreground. I then added Camera Lens Blur to each of those groups and changed the settings so the furthest compositions were the most blurred and the closer the objects were less blurred. I then decided to play around with key-framing various settings on the blur so the severity of the effect would shift and alter randomly.

The aim of this is to make things feel more disorientating and sort of dream-like or surreal. I think the results are interesting but I may trying to make the effect more extreme and maybe adding more keyframes so things change faster/more often. Currently, all of the models still animate continuously and at the same time but I plan on changing this so they are stationary/animate independently and randomly soon.

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