Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Adaptation B: Body Variations #1

After figuring out how to make a VR/360 video using my models that were animated with different clips of audio, I wanted to add some more variation by connecting my Audio Wave Node into different channels on a new model. I also put the two models together into one scene and rendered out a few images that I thought looked interesting. When record some new sounds I'll plug them into my scenes in different models so the results vary even more. I hope to make a few more models that look different so the scenes are more interesting. To me, having the models broken in different ways sort of shows how every day Body Dysmorphia changes how you see yourself randomly...no two days are the same. Also after trying both the mila_material against the misss_fast_skin again, I think I changed my mind and prefer the mila_material. After playing around with the settings and lights for a while and taking more renders, I find I like the look of the mila_material over the other one.

1 comment:

  1. Yes - I really like the milky skin tones here - very feminine and beguiling - and yes, different modes of 'breaking' makes sense to me. There is beauty in these images somehow - I like that too - complex artefacts!