Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Major Project: Bleach Orb Colours

After some feedback I returned to my bleach orb to try out some different colours. I've already begun rendering this shot, but a good chunk of it is focused only on the bricks and I only began rendering it yesterday so I'm not too flustered about it. I tried a range of colours on the orb as it was dissolving so I could see how it would react with the dissolved portions, as it affects the lighting/reflections slightly.

Out of all the colours I tried I liked 003 (black), 006 (primary red), and 010 (very pale blue) the most. I think 006 is my favourite because it is the most striking and 'threatening' looking in my opinion. It reminds me of a droplet of blood against the white bricks. This relation to blood could be interesting to include because while in hospital I had blood taken nearly every day, hence the line in my poem about needles. I think it could be good to incorporate that into this part of my animation as well, even if it is only subtle because of the choice of colour. I tried a few different shades of red, but I found primary red the most appealing as the other ones weren't as vibrant and eye-catching. I also like how the red looks shining off of the dissolved portions of the orb.

I do also like 010 because it is close to the white but is more visible since it has a very slight blue tint to it. I thought the black looked interesting as well because it is similar to my 'bees' animation. I think I'll probably go for 006 but any feedback is welcome.

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