Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Major Project: Skin Animation Tests #2 + 3

Since I wasn't happy with how my first animation test came out, I asked for some feedback and it was suggested to me to make the animation of the skin more subtle and to begin with the skin filling the entire shot. I followed this advice, and I like the results much better. I'm also more happy with how the lighting looks in this shot versus the previous test. I tried creating GIFs of these animation tests but they were too long, so the resulting files were too big for Blogger to accept.

For test #2 I think I may have made the skin animation too subtle and I think it zooms out a little too quickly near the end. I returned to it and added some extra tweaks with this in mind. However, I'm still not 100% happy with it...I like the animation of the 'breath' more in #3 but I still want it to fill the frame for longer and zoom out less. I'm making another test now which will hopefully be the final one then I can begin cleaning up the scene.

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