Monday, 5 March 2018

Major Project: Rendering Plan #1

When I worked on Dysmorphia and YPGTTO, I learned a lot of valuable lessons when it came to organisation with rendering. I'm making sure I'm checking several times what frames are rendering on what computer to ensure I have a bit of padding when I split shots up over several computers to render. Like always, I have charts in my notebooks to keep track of what is rendering on what computer. I decided to also put together a chart so I have an idea of what shots require the most work and which are nearly complete. This is not the final shot list, I will likely put together a few more room/brick shots that I may inject in-between different lines of my poem but this is what I am working on so far.

All of the purple shots will be filled with the 'room shots' I am making. I also wrote notes on a few of the shots, such as needing extra passes or live action footage (pink). I'm trying my best to just gather footage from my family as I feel that is more meaningful (to me at least) as it is raw and not 'performed'. But, jello is quite a specific one so I may have to make that myself.

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