Friday, 16 March 2018

Major Project: Opening / Closing Shot & Brick 002

After several days of shuffling through frames and fixing the ones that were watermarked...I think I finally managed to snag them all. This took me so long because this shot (which is going to be used for the intro and outro of my film) is 600 frames. I split it into 6 parts so it wouldn't take too long to render, but since each part then got watermarked it became difficult to fix. Despite the trouble that it caused me, I'm really happy with how this shot turned out. 

I'm really glad I also spent the extra time on fixing the bricks because I think the shine on the walls is a nice detail that adds a lot. Also, since this shot was so long I couldn't make one GIF for it, so I made two shorter ones and included the YouTube video (where I post all of my animation tests).

As mentioned previously, I also decided it'd be good to create a few more shots focusing on the bricks/the room. Like the first brick shot, this was really fast to render since it wasn't heavy on samples and rays. This time I focused on the bricks on the ceiling rather than the floor (Brick 001) so I could capture the highlights on the bricks from the lights.


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