Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Major Project: Opening / Closing Shot & Static Lighting Tests

As I clean up these two scenes, I wanted to be sure that the lighting was working the way that I wanted it to. They are low quality since I wanted them to render quickly and the lighting isn't exactly how it would be in the final render (I increased the low light threshold and decreased the rays) but it gets the basic idea across I think.

I went back to be sure that the displacement map was animated since it was hard to see in these renders, and I wasn't sure if it was because I batch rendered them rather than rendered sequence, because it was low quality/grainy, or if it was because of the camera movement making it less visible. After checking it appears it was just a combination of the camera movement and graininess. 

Other than having to investigate the bricks, I'm happy with how these renders turned out. I do want to return to my static scene and see if I can make things look less green, which may be due to the mesh light so I'll go in and see if I can take out some of the colour although I'm sure this is something I could also fix in post. Overall I like this more subtle flashing compared to my previous test which I felt was a little too overwhelming with the flashes. For this shot I plan on having the orb glitch in, then at the end have it glitch and disappear. I didn't do this for this test since I was more focused on the lighting.

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