Monday, 19 March 2018

Major Project: Pufferfish Texture Adjustments & Animation Playblast

Today I also worked on my pufferfish entity. I was actually quite anxious to get to work on this, as I struggled with the texture maps in the past. I decided to go for a different approach for the bump/displacement on the model since my painted maps were not working as I wanted to, although my diffuse map worked fine. I also played around with some settings and managed to stop the spines from collapsing when I use a displacement map. I played around with a few found images and settled on a more amphibian/reptile-like look rather than wrinkles which is what I was originally going for.

Since my final set is a lot brighter than the old set, I couldn't re-use my old camera animation since it started off black and then lit up to reveal the pufferfish (I'm avoiding doing any dip-to-black transitions). I'm currently doing a render test since I also animated the skin on the pufferfish, but I wanted to share the playblast for now. Tomorrow I will also include some renders of the pufferfish within my final set, I just ran out of time today to allow a full render to finish.

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