Monday, 19 March 2018

Major Project: Silk Texture Adjustments & Animation Render Test #1

Today I returned to my silk shot so I could bring the alembic cache into my final set and adjust the texture. It was discussed that the silk should be very soft and 'pure' - so I've changed the colour to white/silver. Unfortunately, due to the bright lights on the ceiling and the bright colour, it's pretty much impossible to see the fabric ripple during the beginning of the animation. I'll see what I can do to fix this, but I'm not sure if it's possible due to how the lighting is. I'm hoping it's partially due to the low quality of the test, though.

I also worked on softening the edges of the fabric so it didn't seem as harsh. I attached a ramp to the opacity channel under 'Geometry' to achieve this. Out of the three images below, I like #1 the most because it is clearly softer but not too obvious.

I thought I used the texture with the softened edge for the animation above, but it doesn't seem like it had much of an effect. I wonder if I rendered the wrong one by mistake or by decreasing the samples I turned something off accidentally. I plan on investigating and doing more tests both in regards to softening the edges and trying to keep the initial ripple animation visible.





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  1. so a bit more to figure out, but I do think the purity of this is better :)