Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Major Project: Pufferfish (w/ buildup), Skin & Silk Composites

My pufferfish, skin, and silk shots have now been rendered and composited. That means that the only heavy shot left is the soap bubbles and a possible snow re-work, which is a relief. For these shots I played around more with animating different effects to affect the scene. For pufferfish I animated the vignetting and blurring to become heavier as the animation progresses to ensure the focus is on the pufferfish. I included a GIF showing the buildup of this shot including the different render passes that I used.

For skin, I blurred the skin to start with so it was somewhat unrecognisable and mysterious. I want there to be a sense that it is something fleshy - but it is unclear exactly what it is as I discuss how I see my skin when I see chicken skin. As the animation progresses and the camera pulls away, the blurring decreases, revealing that the audience has been looking at an orb of bumpy flesh.

I wanted silk to remain simple and elegant. I haven't added much additional blurring although I have a matte pass if I decide to add this later on. I did add in slightly heavier motion blurring than I do on most shots to soften this animation some more. I also have quite heavy vignetting on this scene to make the whole shot feel softer.

Overall I'm really happy with how these three shots came out, especially silk since it was hard to determine how it would look based on my test renders due to the graininess. All of the blurring and vignette animation can still be changed, I just wanted to see how it could change how the shots felt and where the focus was.

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