Friday, 9 March 2018

Major Project: Meat Animation Render Test

Yesterday I set up a low quality render to see how my meat orb would look fully rendered just to be sure the lighting and displacement maps were working okay. I discovered that last night the internet at the university went down, causing Arnold to watermark this render.

Overall this situation put me behind today because some of my final scenes that were rendering got watermarked. So, I had to sort through all of the frames and see which ones needed to be re-rendered and make a note of them. Despite the slight delay in my plans and feeling a little frazzled, I'm satisfied with how this test came out even with the watermark.


  1. Yes, I heard you'd encountered another 'adventure' in rendering :( Still there's something queasy and otherworldly going on here...

    1. threw me off to the point that I didn't realise I had a duplicate block of text in this post! But, that's why I'm trying to get this stuff rendered early.