Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Major Project: Re-filming Live Action Footage #2

I've continued working on a few tests today in regards to re-filming my live footage. I quite like the shot I left rendering last night (#6), I like the new positioning of the lights but I'm unsure if the light flicker is necessary for this particular shot. 

For test #7 I decided to try using a clip that had a specific focus so I can play with the relationship between the camera/lights and the subject - in this case my grandfather. For this test I tried animating the lights so the bottom light is brighter in the beginning of the animation, but dims as my grandfather appears. The top lights do the opposite, so the light brings the focus to my grandfather's face. I feel the camera animation could be a little more obvious, so I started up another test of this shot that should be posted tomorrow as I left it in uni for rendering.

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